John W. Flannagan Reservoir Victory

Congratulations on winning another tournament at Flannagan Reservoir! What worked so well for you on the 10th?

Thank you! We've been lucky to get some fish on top water before dark. And after dark, we went to the traditional style of dragging worms and jigs like most others do on Flannagan. As the water and air temperatures keep rising, bites are getting harder and harder to come by.

What’s the best tip you can share about having consistent success on a lake?

The main answer is hard work. You have to stay on the water to know what the fish are doing and where they are moving to. Each tournament, I fish where the fish are, or have been, and follow paths to where I think they will be going. You also have to hope for a big bite or two to put you over the top for the win.

Do you keep a fishing log book or tournament journal?

Yes. I keep a notebook that helps me keep up with certain baits that work during certain times, depending on what the fish are doing. I keep one for every lake that I visit. It also helps me remember certain areas that are good for bigger fish.

How do you expect the bass to move or change in behavior at Flannagan over the next 4–6 weeks?

The heat has finally set in on us. The fish are going to start moving out deeper on grass lines and brush piles. Their primary focus for food will be shad. The best chance at catching more fish up shallow will be either late at night or early morning, when the water and air temperature is the coolest.

Your next regional BASS Open tournament is scheduled for July 25–27 on the James River. Can you please give us a preview of it?

I'm extremely excited to be able to fish another BASS Open. The folks at BASS go above and beyond for their anglers, and I really enjoy the workers and anglers I meet through these tournaments. The James River is a tidal fishery near Richmond, Virginia. The bass there really relate to the tide schedule and can be very difficult to catch. I look forward to getting to practice a few days and learn all I can about exactly how they move and feed with the tides.

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