Lake Chickamauga Recap

Chris fishing Lake Chickamauga

What did you learn from the BASS tournament on Chickamauga? You had a great Day 2!

I have fished Lake Chickamauga a few times now and seem to learn something new each time I go. I haven't been able to catch a true giant down there yet but I'm excited to get back to it and try. The first day I caught several fish but only one would reach the 15" size limit. The second day I threw a swimbait out deep and was able to come up with a few good bites. I got to fish with Charlie Hartley the second day of the tournament and anyone that knows him knows that he is the perfect example of why bass fishing is so great. He is full of energy and gets so excited every time he catches a fish. I really enjoyed that opportunity.

Would you like to fish another tournament on Chickamauga?

Yes I would love to. I would like to go down there for a week or two and really try to learn all I can about the lake and what happens to the fish when they run water and when they do not. It's exciting knowing that on any cast you can catch a double digit fish.

When is your next BASS tournament?

My next tournament will be July 25-27 in Richmond, Virginia on the James River.